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Oudon's castle visit

Chteau dOudon et sa tour octogonaleAt the heart of the charming village of Oudon, the medieval castle, sometimes called the Oudon's tower, surveys the river Loire since more than 600 years !
Be curious, explore the walled enclosure, enjoy wander inside the courtyard, feel the old stones soul, and then open the keep's doors... Inside the tower, a living and inexpective visit awaits you !


Audiovisual display "The Loire river accross centuries"

oudon-chateau-scenographie-d.drouet-1993These surprising audiovisual displays will show you stories about the river Loire accross centuries, and need about 75 minutes to be discover.

As you climb the monumental spiral stairway, take a break on each level, you will meet a fisherman from Middle Ages, or the famous english painter William Turner, and learn about  terrible wars of the Vendee.

On the last floor, enjoy a virtual balloon flight over the Loire from the Royal Abbey of Fontevrault to the estuary and the Atlantic Ocean...

From the rooftop, unique view over Oudon and the Loire Valley !