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"Loire en Scène"

Between Nantes (30 km) and Angers (60 km), Oudon and Champtoceaux are just separated by the Loire River. Together, they formed "Loire en Scène" ("Loire on stage") and welcome you aboard "La Luce" passenger boat, at Oudon medieval castle and on Champtoceaux informative footpaths.

Enjoy Loire discoveries !

Oudon medieval castle

Push open the door of the medieval keep, a unique audio-visual presentation with spectacular sound and light effects awaits you (available in English).
As you climb up the tower, become a bystander and hear the story of witnesses throught the past : the Loire in the Middle Ages,  the Loire scene of the tragic Vendée War, the Loire seen by William Turner, an English painter of the 19th century.
On the top floor,  take a virtual trip in a hot-air balloon and get a good overall view of the richness of the Loire on a giant screen !

On the rooftop, one of the most beautiful view over the Loire Valley!

"La Luce" passenger boat

Embark aboard "La Luce" for an hour cruise in the heart of a protected environment and listen to your guide's commentary dotted with fascinating anecdotes.
While sailing to the Patache Port, discover the fauna and flora of the river banks and catch sweeping views of the "Folies  Siffait" and the château of Clermont.

Hence bring along you camera !

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